Descendants of Johannes Franciscus LELOUX

First Generation

1. Johannes Franciscus LELOUX was born 1742 in Ieper/Nieupoort. He died before 7 Jul 1795.

Johannes Franciscus Leloux was a military man in the regiment Raders. This regiment was garrisoned at Bergen op Zoom in 1768, at Den Bosch in 1771, at Nijmegen in 1773 and at Doesburg in 1783. All places where his children were born. The army list of the compagny of lieutenant-colonel Oostdijck in the first Bataillon of the Regiment Infanterie from lieutenant-general van Raders, made while garrisoned at Tournais (25 March 1781), stated that Johannes had a length "op kousevoeten van 5 voet, 6 duim en 1 streek" and he was 39 years old.

Marriage-register "Trouwboeken van de Nederduits Gereformeerde  Gemeente te Bergen op Zoom, 1751-1772" stated that Johannes Francis LeLoux is born in Nieupoort, while the birthregister of his son Franciscus Johannes stated that he was born in Ieper. Both Ieper and Nieupoort were so-called Barriertowns, where dutch armies were stationed to help the Austrian rulers of Belgium at that time to protect against France until 1781. (source: "Parenteel..." by Frans Leloux, 1995)

In the tree that Gerda Lejeune sent to me in november 2013 Johannes Franciscus was born in Sint-Niklaas (Belgium), just like me :)

Johannes married Maria Catharina MEYFROIT/MEYFROY/MEYVROET, daughter of Johannes Babtiste MEYFOIT and Genoveva VAN HOORNICK, on 8 Aug 1768 in Bergen Op Zoom. Maria was born 2 Aug 1744? in St. Niklaas. She died 7 Jul 1795 in Haarlem.

They had the following children:

+ 2 M i Franciscus Johannes LELOUX/LE LOUX was born 16 Dec 1768 and died 8 Nov 1822.
  3 F ii
Anna Maria LELOUX was born 14 Jun 1771 in 's Hertogenbosch.
  4 F iii
Johanna Maria LELOUX was born 16 Nov 1773 in Nijmegen.
  5 F iv
Frederiais/Fredericus LELOUX was born 15 Oct 1783 in Doesburg.

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