Descendants of Johannes Franciscus LELOUX

Third Generation

6. Johannes/Jan Baptist Petrus LELOUX (Franciscus Johannes LELOUX/LE LOUX , Johannes Franciscus ) was baptized 12 Mar 1795 in Alkmaar. He died 17 Feb 1882 in Wassenaar.

Baptised as Roman Catholic. His marriage certificate from 1820 stated that he was a shoemaker, who has served the national militia. According to Frans Leloux (1995) Joh. Bapt. Petr. kept being a shoemaker until 1823, after that he moved to The Hague, Mallemolenstr 445.

Johannes/Jan married Catharina KLOET "Trijntje", daughter of Joannes Thijsse KLOET and Engeltje Hermse NUGTEREN, on 2 Jul 1820 in Alkmaar. Trijntje was baptized 26 Jan 1797 in Hoorn . She died 22 Oct 1822 in Alkmaar.

Baptised as Roman Catholic

Johannes/Jan and Trijntje had the following children:

+ 14 M i Franciscus Johannes LELOUX was born 11 Apr 1821 and died 13 Mar 1886.
  15 M ii
Johannes LELOUX was born 19 Aug 1822 in Alkmaar.

7. Catharina (Christina) LELOUX (Franciscus Johannes LELOUX/LE LOUX , Johannes Franciscus ) was baptized 8 Sep 1796 in Alkmaar.

Also known as Christina Maria

Catharina married Henrikus SMIT, son of Jacob SMIT and Anna ELLINK, on 4 Nov 1821 in Alkmaar. Henrikus was born about 1793.

also called: Hendrik

Henrikus and Catharina had the following children:

  16 F i
Maria SMIT was born about 1839.
Maria married (1) Willem GROOT, son of Gerrit GROOT and Etje KAGER, on 16 Jan 1859 in Alkmaar. Willem was born about 1836. He died before 18 Jan 1874.
Maria also married (2) Johannes Bernardus WESTEN, son of Johannes Bernardus WESTEN and Johanna VAN LEEUWEN, on 18 Jan 1874 in Alkmaar. Johannes was born about 1834 in Rijswijk.

12. Franciscus Johannes LELOUX (Franciscus Johannes LELOUX/LE LOUX , Johannes Franciscus ) was baptized 18 Jul 1803 in Alkmaar. He died 26 Apr 1866 in Frederiksoord (Vledder), Drente.

On January, 21st, 1828, Frans and his wife Willemina were replaced by the "Commissie van Weldadigheid" from Epe to Frederiksoord (kolonie 1 hoeve 111). Frans was a cobbler's servant and he was supposedly disqualified from the military service for missing his right eye.

On June, 14th, 1828 two dutch reformed children (trijntje Krom, born Oct 10th, 1810) and Willen Le Croix (born July 1st, 1814) were placed  at the roman catholic family of Frans Leloux. Trijntle would leave after six weeks, while Willem would stay until March, 2nd, 1829.
On April 11th, 1829, the roman catholic Simon Ran would stay at the family for six weeks.
In December 1830 he volunteered as gunner at the "Drentse Mobiele Schutterij", which was involved in the battle against Belgium. Nothing is known here about a missing right eye, but it is known that Frans complained a lot about his wife and wanted to divorce.  
The list of 1830 tells us a lot: on November 6th, he was transported to Dort, where he arrived the next day and stayed there with free food. The day after he was on the march with free food, but he returned to the camp on the 9th. On November 28th he was in hospital, but he returned on December 3rd. Until December 25th he was part of the fourth Compagny, second Battallion. After that he served in the 5th compagny of the Drentse Schutters.
His name occurs in the checklist of 1832 as "Johannes Franciscus Le Loux, born at Juli 18th, 1803 in Amsterdam from Johannes and Zwaantje Hazes". He used to live in Frederiksoord.
He got indefinite leave since June 14th, 1833.
On June, 18th, 1833 Frans returns to Frederiksoord and is assigned to colonist L. A. Maatje in colony 1. October, 2nd, 1833 he was replaced to "hoeve 42 Kolonie 1". The 14th of the same month his children returned to him. Pieter Steunenberg and Hilletje Steunenberg-Kok, the latter as housekeeper, were assigned to the same house from november 2nd 1833 till March, 1st, 1824. The ten year old Willemina Ankon joined them on December 14th, 1833.

Franciscus married (1) Willemina HUISMAN, daughter of Hendrik HUISMAN and Anna HENDRIKS "Annetje", on 4 Feb 1826 in Epe, Gelderland. Willemina was born 23 Nov 1797 in Vaassen and was baptized 26 Nov 1797 in Vaassen . She died 5 Jan 1833 in Ommerschans.

On October 29, 1831 Willemina le Loux is found guilty of beating up Katharina Pennings. She was senteced to prison for 24 hours and if she would not behave herself she would be transferred to Ommerschans.

Allmost a year later, on October 27, 1832, she was found guilty for theft ("dieverij ongehoorzaamheid brutaliteit en de verwaarlozing van haren koeien en veldvruchten") and she was condemned to Ommerschans where she would die within a few months.

Franciscus and Willemina had the following children:

+ 17 M i Jan Babtist Petrus/Pieter LELOUX was born 24 Oct 1827 and died 1 Jan 1893.
+ 18 M ii Lambertus/Lubertus Petrus LELOUX was born 12 Mar 1829 and died about 1894.
  19 F iii
Christina Maria LELOUX was born 22 Nov 1830 in Frederiksoord. She died 6 Feb 1831 in Frederiksoord.

Franciscus also married (2) Catharina Celina/Calina Maria ZIERIE/SIRI/CIRIE, daughter of Franciscus ZIERIE and Christina DE WEVER, on 18 Apr 1834 in Vledder, Drente. Catharina was born 9 Feb 1814 in Vlissingen. She died 21 Feb 1876 in Frederiksoord.

Her family name is sometimes written as Cierie, Cirie or even other variations.

On November 17th, 1826 Catharina and her sister Helena were sent to Frederiksoord, where they were assigned to hoeves 23 and 20. Their parents were already convicted for theft and fencing for three times (15 december 1817; 9 juli 1819  & 27 juni 1826). Helena, born Februari 28, 1819, was assigned to stay with her sister and Frans le Loux from August 16, 1834 till November 22 on "hoeve 42". Another sister of Catharina, Christina, would mary Hermanus van Nelven in 1850. Catharina had a little brother, born April 11, 1826, who stayed with Frans and Catharina a few months for several times. He died December 18, 1863 in Den Helder being an unmarried sailor.

After the death of Frans Catharina was assigned to to live with her son Marijanus.

Franciscus and Catharina had the following children:

  20 M iv
Johannes Franciscus LELOUX was born 10 Mar 1835 in Frederiksoord. He died 12 Feb 1836 in Frederiksoord.
+ 21 M v Johannus Franciscus LELOUX was born 1 May 1836 and died 8 Jun 1871.
  22 M vi
Hendrikus Leonardus LELOUX was born 26 Apr 1838 in Frederiksoord.

He left Frederiksoord March 1, 1855 with a passport he got in Vledder. It is said that he went to the east, but no-one heard anything about him anymore...
+ 23 M vii Hendrikus/Henricus/Henderikus LELOUX was born 17 Dec 1840 and died 20 Jun 1907.
+ 24 M viii Antonius Mattheus LE LOUX was born 21 Dec 1842 and died 13 Jul 1922.
+ 25 M ix Marijanus LELOUX was born 1 Jun 1845 and died 15 Dec 1932.

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