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Descendants of Franciscus Johannes Leloux (*Ieper or Nieupoort?, ?1742) Ancestors of Jacob Leloux (St. Niklaas (B), July 26th, 1966)

Prepared by: Jacob Leloux, Gortestraat 82, 2311 NM LEIDEN, THE NETHERLANDS
I have chosen to omit the data for my living relatives, the program that I used to generate these pages replaced their names with the word "living". If you want to have this incication removed, please, email me and I remove you from the database itself. This list of the family Leloux is still incomplete, so, if you have additional information or if you can correct me, please email meemail me.

I would like to thank Loretta Kay Leloux, Laurie Ruhstorfer, Richard Leloux, Corine en Marian Sloot, Erik Jansen, Theo Leloux, Conley Dean Leloux, Romey Laschuit, Alain le Loux, Betty Leloux, Nelly Kostelijk, Morgan Lynn LeLoux, Maite le Loux, Frank le Loux, Luut Vlastra, Johannes Franciscus Petrus Le Loux, Johannes Jacobus (Hans) le Loux, Tom le Loux, Jonatan Leloux, Linda Le Loux, André Rakers, Hans Le Loux, Christa Kuipers, Gerda Lejeune, Els Kemper, Louise van Teffelen and Erik van der Starre for information, corrections and additions.

Many thanks to Dr. H. J. Leloux for sending the book "reunie le Loux - Leloux - Le Loux Frederiksoord 26 september 1987", which he and F. H. Leloux prepared for that reunion. The data in that book are incorporated into this overview. In May, 2009, I recieved an update from F. H. (Frans) Leloux of this work, which he prepared in 1995. The content of that work is incorporated in January, 2011.

Data for my ancestry part are mainly based on a letter send by Cornelis Johannes Hogervorst (Heiloo) to my grandparents Jacob Hartog and Neeltje Kostelijk on March 21st, 1951. He presented the tree for "van Tuin-Smit" and "Kostelijk". Additional information came from Het Geslacht Kostelijk in De Rijp, made by Hanny Sinkeldam-Buschmann. Several pictures from the Kostelijk family came from Nelly Kostelijk.

In Januari, 2008 Peter W. Wielhouwer from Mattawan, Michigan, USA, has sent me a report on the ancestors of Neeltje van der Jagt (born 1762 in Charlois, Zuid-Holland, the Netherlands). The parents of Neeltje, one of my sixteen great-great-great-grandmothers, is an ancestor of Aagje van der Jagt and she is Peter's grandma. Peter's contribution pushes our oldest known ancestors back to the fourteenths century. Some extra information about Jan van Driel was retrieved from

Luut Vlastra sent me an email in august 2008 with a report he wrote together with Wil Schackmann (who wrote "De proefkolonie") with interesting additions to the genealogy of the Leloux familie who lived in the colonies in and around Frederiksoord. The content of that report is incorporated in this website.

The program which creates this site from the database is not capable to distinguish between le Loux and Le Loux in the name index. My apologises for that. I decided to remove the downloadable GEDCOM-file from my website. There was not enough space for it anymore. If you are interested, you can always email me and ask for it.

The name Leloux is also an old name "(at least 1770 and earlier) for Lillois (See Bernaerts, G., 1881. Études étimologiques et linguistiques sur les noms de lieux romans et bas-allemands de la Belgique. Bulletin et annales de l'Académie d'archéologie de Belgique 37, 3e série, tome 7, p. 52 and Chotin, A.-G., 1839. Études étymologiques sur les noms des villes, bourgs, villages, Hameaux, rivières et ruisseaux de la provence du Brabant. Malo et levasseur, Paris, Bruxelles. p.142). Lillois is a name of a place until 1823, now part of Braine-l'Alleud (or in dutch: Eigenbrakel), in Walloon Brabant, Belgium, just south of Brussels.

These sites has also been usefull for building this tree: Archief van Alkmaar; Rijksarchievendienst: genlias (sinds 1 januari 2013 overgegaan in, Ancestry Family Tree,