Ancestors of Jacob LELOUX

Sixth Generation

32. Franciscus Johannes LELOUX/LE LOUX was born 16 Dec 1768 in Bergen Op Zoom. He died 8 Nov 1822 in Alkmaar. Franciscus married Henrica/Henria CONDÉ on 29 Jun 1794 in Alkmaar. [Parents]

Baptised as Roman Catholic. At his marriage (1794) he was sergeant in the regiment of lieutenant-general van Brakell, first bataillon Captain J. A. Backer, garrizoned at Alkmaar. This regiment van Brakel is the same as the regiment van Raders in which his father served.
In 1807 he was publican and innkeeper, he lived at Zoutsteeg 123, Alkmaar with his wife Geertje v. Dullemen and his kids Jan Batist, Catharina, Angelika en Franciskus. His name was written as Frans. Joh, Le Loux. (source: Burgelijke Stand, 1807 - Inv. Ge, Archief No. 2.IV.59d folio 165).
According to his death certificate he was a policeman.

33. Henrica/Henria CONDÉ was born about 1772 in ?. She died 26 Feb 1802 in Alkmaar.


34. Joannes Thijsse KLOET was baptized 26 Feb 1763 in Hoorn. He died before 1820. Joannes married Engeltje Hermse NUGTEREN on 11 Jul 1784 in Hoorn.

Baptised as Roman Catholic. Married in a Roman Catholic church.

35. Engeltje Hermse NUGTEREN was baptized 11 Apr 1762 in Hoorn. She died after 1820.

Baptised as Roman Catholic. Lived in 1820 in Bennebroek.


36. Jan SONNE was born 25 Sep 1765 in Vlaardingen and was baptized 29 Sep 1765 in Vlaardingen. He died 3 Oct 1836. Jan married Jacoba VAN DEN PEPPEL on 2 Dec 1787 in Scheveningen. [Parents]

37. Jacoba VAN DEN PEPPEL was born 20 Jul 1764 in 's-Gravenhage and was baptized 22 Jul 1764 in 's-Gravenhage. She died 25 May 1824.


38. Pieter Siemonss KORPERSHOEK was baptized 21 Aug 1763 in Kethel. He died 18 Oct 1823 in Rijswijk. Pieter married Neeltje Pieters VAN DER JAGT on 7 Nov 1784 in Overschie.


39. Neeltje Pieters VAN DER JAGT was baptized 3 Oct 1762 in Charlois, Zuid-Holland. [Parents]


40. Martinus VERSCHOOR was baptized 26 Oct 1788. He married Margaretha KIPS in Hillegom.


41. Margaretha KIPS.


42. Harmanus VAN STIJN(S)VOORD was born 1 Aug 1790 in Utrecht. He died 1 Mar 1823 in Hillegom. Harmanus married Elisabeth Arendina DE GROOT on 30 Oct 1790 in Hillegom.


43. Elisabeth Arendina DE GROOT was baptized 25 Dec 1797 in Hillegom. She died 30 Jun 1841 in Hillegom.


48. Cornelis HARTOG was born 11 Dec 1810 in Beemster. He died 1876. Cornelis married Grietje JONKER on 17 Sep 1831 in Beemster. [Parents]

landbouwer, burgemeester, veehouder, veeweider, woonplaats(en): Beemster

49. Grietje JONKER was born 1812. She died 1872.


56. Hero KOSTELIJK was born 11 Aug 1798 in Wormerveer. He died 10 Oct 1850 in De Rijp. Hero married Maartje VUIJST on 30 Apr 1820 in De Rijp. [Parents]


57. Maartje VUIJST was born 30 Nov 1791 in De Rijp. She died 18 Sep 1865 in De Rijp. [Parents]

Baker since 1851


58. Jan BLAAUW married Grietje NOL.

59. Grietje NOL.


62. Andries VAN TUIN was born 1 May 1817 in De Rijp. He died 5 Apr 1866 in De Rijp from typhus or typhoid. Andries married Neeltje KUIPER. [Parents]

owned a distillery, was organist at the "Doopsgezinde kerk"

63. Neeltje KUIPER was born 9 Mar 1818. She died 10 May 1897. [Parents]

The last years of het life she lived by her daughter Sientje, to whom she left a necklace.


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