Ancestors of Jacob LELOUX

Fifth Generation

16. Johannes/Jan Baptist Petrus LELOUX was baptized 12 Mar 1795 in Alkmaar. He died 17 Feb 1882 in Wassenaar. Johannes/Jan married Catharina KLOET on 2 Jul 1820 in Alkmaar. [Parents]

Baptised as Roman Catholic. His marriage certificate from 1820 stated that he was a shoemaker, who has served the national militia. According to Frans Leloux (1995) Joh. Bapt. Petr. kept being a shoemaker until 1823, after that he moved to The Hague, Mallemolenstr 445.

17. Catharina KLOET "Trijntje" was baptized 26 Jan 1797 in Hoorn. She died 22 Oct 1822 in Alkmaar. [Parents]

Baptised as Roman Catholic


18. Migchiel SONNE was born 29 Jun 1794 in Rijswijk. He died before 1846. Migchiel married Wilhelmina KARPERSHOEK on 6 Dec 1818 in Rijswijk. [Parents]


19. Wilhelmina KARPERSHOEK "Willemijntje" was born 26 Feb 1789 in Rijswijk. She died after 1846. [Parents]


20. Cornelis VERSCHOOR was born 9 Aug 1809 in Bennebroek. He died 2 Apr 1885 in Heemstede. Cornelis married Maria Alida VAN STIJNVOORD on 3 Apr 1842 in Hillegom. [Parents]

Day-labourer, railway employee

21. Maria Alida VAN STIJNVOORD was born 11 Jan 1820 in Hillegom. She died 28 Dec 1884 in Hillegom. [Parents]


22. Dirk VAN DER WERF was born 18 Apr 1822 in Lisse. He died after 1869. Dirk married Catharina DE GRAAF on 4 Oct 1846 in Bennebroek.

Coachman, labourer

23. Catharina DE GRAAF was born 4 Apr 1823 in Bennebroek. She died 4 Jun 1858 in Bennebroek.


24. Jacob HARTOG married Trijntje SCHILP. [Parents]

25. Trijntje SCHILP.


26. Steven POST married Helena Jacoba HOENDEROP.

27. Helena Jacoba HOENDEROP.


28. Jan KOSTELIJK [scrapbook] was born 22 Feb 1832 in De Rijp. He died 26 Mar 1893 in De Rijp. Jan married Neeltje BLAAUW on 3 May 1860 in Graft. [Parents]

baker, *24 feb?, death 27 dec?

29. Neeltje BLAAUW [scrapbook] was born 29 Oct 1832 in Noordeinde (Graft). She died 26 Jan 1897 in De Rijp. [Parents]

Baker, death could also be 27-01-1897.


30. Jacob SMIT died in De Rijp. He married Sientje VAN TUIN in De Rijp.


31. Sientje VAN TUIN was born 21 Nov 1843 in De Rijp. She died 3 Apr 1921 in Oosthuizen. [Parents]


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