Ancestors of Jacob LELOUX

Third Generation

4. Franciscus Johannes LELOUX [scrapbook] was born 5 Sep 1862 in Noordwijkerhout. He died 1 Jun 1943 in Hillegom. Franciscus married Martina VERSCHOOR on 15 Mar 1905 in Hillegom. [Parents]


5. Martina VERSCHOOR was born 14 Jun 1873. She died 3 Mar 1949 in Hillegom. [Parents]


6. Jacob HARTOG [scrapbook] "Jaap" was born 30 Oct 1895 in De Rijp. He died 13 Dec 1978 in Etten-Leur. Jaap married Neeltje KOSTELIJK on 5 Sep 1921 in De Rijp. [Parents]

Jacob Hartog was engineer at "Holland-Amerika lijn", later engineer at "PEN" power plant (A street on the power plant was named after him). He lived in Rotterdam (near Marokaanderplein), Beverwijk (Strik van Linschotenstraat) en Etten-Leur. After retirement he built and repaired clocks and made some models of houses for us grandchildren. He wrote stories and some of his work was published in  papers and journals.

7. Neeltje KOSTELIJK [scrapbook] was born 12 Nov 1893 in De Rijp, Regtestraat 94 and was cremated 2 May 1975 in Driehuis-Westerveld. She died 29 Apr 1975 in Beverwijk. [Parents]


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