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One of my main interests in my life is geology, and more specifically the paleontology of the Cretaceous and Paleogene. Apart from publishing in journals and so, sometimes I'd like to publish on the net about it. There are some real good other sites about the subject and I'd like to present some of them here also.

  • Sponges from the Maastrichtian type area

    A list of sponge species and their citations in literature is presented. The list is not yet complete and several species are probably incorrect, so regard this as a working list


    Made by Herman Zevenberg from Amsterdam. This site presents a lot of general information about fossils, localities where fossils can be found and a number of links to interesting sites. It's great and any link to a museum or institute which is not on my site will probably be found over there.

  • Goldfuss museum in Bonn

    A rather nice museum somewhere hidden in the University buildings in Bonn near the also beautifull botanical garden. The exhibition still uses the old cupboards and display cases, which I think is nice. It's a museum I have visited several times, mainly because the typespecimens of Goldfuß are stored in this museum. The last time I visitid this museum they had an exquisit exhibition on pearls.

  • A petrified forrest near Hoegaarden (Belgium)

    Between Hoegaarden and Tienen lays hidden under ten meters of sediment a petrified forest of about 55 million years old. Thanks to the construction of the TGV a part of this forest became visible for a few days. I had the luck to be there. I published a popular science paper on it and gave a lecture about it for three times. Here is the lecture I gave in 2001. I plan to rewrite this, since new information is available. A lot of our knowledge has changed the last few years.

  • The types of birds at Naturalis

    This is a temporary link to a temporary page. It will be removed from my website after august. It will be used for demonstration purposes for the reftax project. That system will temporarily link to this page for the bird types of naturalis.