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Website in revision

(2013-07-18) The blue aside did not work properly. I got rid of it and made the grey one holding the facebook like button. I have to find out how to get the red nav on the left working on the ipad. May be an extra button? I am afraid javascript has to be used.

(2013-07-14) The main page is, as you can see, in the new look. I found out that the hover actions on the nav bar didn't work well on the ipad and were completely lost on the smartphone, so I made a little experiment on the aside (the blue bar on the right). Just to see what that does.

(2013-07-12) Craig Buckler wrote a nice tutorial for the sliding navs, which I will start using. The idea is that you want a nice quiet pageview, so the nav and the aside should be hidden until you need them. I like that. See the experiment on the photography page.

(2013-07-11) Today I changed the fonts and tried to improve the navigation bar. I also put that button of facebook on the site, so that you can like it if you want to. Try so that I can see if it works.

(2013-07-9) Our homepage will be revised and restyled. Modern HTML5 and such. Yesterday a little experiment with SlideMyPics-widget. It could be something. I wanted to check if it really works on the iPad. It did. What I don't like is that the size of the screen is static. So if the screen becomes too narrow, all the articles drop below the aside and the nav. Am I sounding nerdy yet?